Thursday, November 10, 2011

#16 help my Mom Open an etsy store

My Mom has always wanted to open an etsy store to sell homemade children's clothing. I added this one to my list of 30 before 30, because I really wanted to help my Mom achieve her dream. If you have read my earlier post I have also learned to sew, and I love it. Since I learned to sew I have decided it would be easier and more fun if mom and I went into business together. We decided to name the business SuSu Sewing, since that is my mom's grandmother name and the fact that she is the true professional here, we thought it was fitting. I have been working hard (since I am the technology expert) to begin to get a business off of the ground, we have decided for now to sell clothes through friends and and family on Facebook and through a blog. We still hope to one day to do an etsy shop, but for right now this works best for us. I know my goal says specifically etsy shop, but I have decided this counts, as my goal was really just a plan for a business. We are so excited, and hope to begin to grown customer base. So please go over and follow Susu Sewing blog too. (right now we have a give away going on! Http://

Thursday, October 06, 2011

#2 Take a Sewing Class

My mom has been trying to convince me to do this for the absolute longest time. She has always been sure that I would be good at it, and like it too. I was not so convinced. When I was thinking of things to do for my 30 before 30 list I decided to add this. I figured "why not" at the very least it would be good for me to know how to use a sewing machine. I could hem stuff, and make pillows, etc. My moms friend Kay teaches the beginning class at The Smocking Bird in Homewood. My mom signed me up. I decided to make some thing for my nephew Lee.

Well, I went to the first class. Kay went over the basics of reading a pattern, picking out the supplies you need, etc. I quickly realized I had learned a lot of this stuff through osmosis. If any of you know my family. My mom is a very talented sewer and has been doing it most of my life. The next week I went to my Moms house before the class and decided to try to start making something. Before I knew it I had completed an entire dress.

Well needless to say. I really enjoyed to rest of the class, and learned so much. Kay is a very patient and good teacher. If any of you are interested please call The Smocking Bird and ask about the beginning sewing class. They also offer a lot of other classes for those of you who have some experience.

Since, I have enjoyed sewing so much. I have pushed my Mom into doing something she has always wanted to do; Make sewing children's clothing a side job. So we have started a facebook page. Please look us up to see pictures.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 before 30

I have decided that as my 29th Birthday is rapidly approaching that I would like to make my last year of my twenties an exciting one. I don't want to look back in another ten years and realized I still hadn't gotten around to doing a lot of things that I have always wanted to do. I know some people who have done this. I think it would be best to give myself more than one year, but I don't have more than one year. Oh well, a co-worker told me yesterday that even if you accomplish half of the things on the list it will be a great year. This is true but I am going to try to accomplish all of them. I have a lot of other things on the bucket list in my head but I tried to pick things that weren't too expensive and fairly easily accomplished. I decided to write it down and share it with anybody in the blogosphere who might be paying attention so that I might have a little accountability. So without further ado, here is the list....

1. Get my Scuba diving certification
2. Take a sewing class
3. Learn Calligraphy
4. Go to an NFL game
5. Go to an NBA game
6. Visit a new city
7. Visit a new state
8. Surprise somebody (really surprise them, in a big way)
9. Learn to play Tennis
10. Ride in a hot air balloon
11. Ride on a motorcycle (yes, I am totally afraid of them. I don't want to go my whole life without ever having even tried)
12. Send out Christmas Cards
13. Find a yummy Christmas creation to give as a gift to friends each year (You all know those people who give you the same thing they make every year, but it is so good you look forward to it. I wanna be one of those people.)
14. Take a pole dancing class (just for fun and exercise, people, I'm not looking for a new career.)
15. Dance in the Rain
16. Help my mom open her etsy store
17. Host a dinner party
18. Read five of Time's Top 100 Novels that I haven't read yet
19. Re-decorate my bedroom.
20. Write letters to friends in cursive. (My grandmother did this, and who doesn't love getting a random letter from a friend.)
21. Donate blood once a quarter.
22. Go white water rafting
23. Couch to 5K (everybody knows I'm not a runner, and I hate it, but I wish I was, and wish I could learn to like it.)
24. Attend church more often. (I know thats subjective, but I'll know if I'm doing it.)
25. Take a spur of the moment road trip with friends.
26. Create a vegetable garden.
27. Help a stranger in need.
28. Learn to make a very southern meal.
29. Go to Mt. Cheaha and go hiking. (I did this a lot as a kid, but haven't in forever.)
30. Allow friends and family help me come up with something else. (I have an old friend a fellow blogger who I read who did this. I thought it was a good idea. Thanks Kate if you read this.)

Monday, May 09, 2011

Rebuilding Alabama

I don't know how many people this blog will reach due to the fact that I haven't written on here in forever! I decided though that it was worth a try.

I have always been proud to be an Alabamian. I remember thinking as a small child that Alabama was the center of the world and that everyone who didn't live here wanted to. As I grew I realized that a great deal of the world saw us all as a bunch of back woods hicks, who are all poor, and uneducated. I have taken great pride as I grew introducing people around the world to what great things Alabama has to offer and most importantly what great people Alabama has to offer. We have definitely educated the world on that fact in the past couple of weeks. I have never been more proud of Alabama. Many people have given and received unimaginable acts of kindness and love. Also, people from all over the world have reached out to help us. (including people like Japan who are still recovering from their own natural disaster) This restores my faith in humanity, and continues to bring tears to my eyes on a daily basis.

From the beginning my biggest fear in all this is that even in our own communities life would go back to normal and these people would be forgotten. My goal is to help to make sure they are not forgotten and that they will continue to need help for a long time to come. I have been fortunate enough to have some free time to help. I have been to some of these recovery centers, and it is amazing what these people are doing. Massive amounts of donations are coming in on a daily basis. Some of these centers have way more donations than they can handle. This made me begin to think about ways to help in the future, especially since many of the immediate essentials are taken care of. I was listening to Leland Live on the radio the other day, (they have done a fabulous job of helping get the word out about needs of the communities affected) and a man came on talking about setting up a website for collecting books and money to give the the 15 schools affected by these storms. I wanted to help them for many reasons. 1. I love to read and thought about the joy I felt getting a new book from the library as a child. 2. I thought about these children going back to school in a few short months. They may feel like things are starting to get back to normal and then might have a crushing realization that their school is not the same and doesn't have things they need. 3. At some point we have to stop focusing on these immediate essentials (food, water, and clothing) and begin to focus on rebuilding. Not merely putting things back to normal, but turning this all around and making things better for our children.

I have put out flyers like crazy, and posted on facebook like crazy, and have not had much response. I have started to question why? I am worried that it is because people are already forgetting. I hope that it is more that people think, "these people don't have a roof they don't need books." I understand that response, so I thought I would tell you my reasons for doing so maybe you might change your mind. They may not need books right now, but they will. When will you start focusing on rebuilding? I hope it's now.

Much love to everyone out there doing anything they can to help. All help is much appreciated and needed! Oh and check out the website if you want to help , or email me at

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't understand some people!

Today I went back over the the house with my inspector. We were checking to see that all the repairs had been done, so we would be all set for closing. I paid the inspector another $200 really just for my peace of mind to know that all of the repairs had been done. I told my real estate agent so many times I was going back over there. I was assured that all the repairs had been done. Unfortunately come to find out in the inspection that the foundation supports that I were to have been replaced had not been. I was soooo mad! We are supposed to close on Friday. Well after a quick phone call to my real estate agent, I was promised that it would be done by Friday morning. My sweet inspector then told me he would come back by and check it out for me. So hopefully it is all done, and we can still close Friday. I am learning so many lessons here, mainly not to trust anyone! Sad isn't it!
Ok, so if you need a home inspector. Jim Waddell is the greatest! He is soooooo thorough, and helpful. He is will A.B. Home Inspectors if you need someone!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Just for you Casey!

I have been a total blog slacker! I know, I know... sooo sorry. I ran into my cousin Casey last weekend, and she completely called me out on it. So I made an October resolution that I will start to blog again. I really hope I can start to keep up with it again. I enjoyed it so much while I was doing it, and was very surprised how many people cared to read it. So, here we go!

Things have been so busy in my life lately. The thing that is keeping me the absolute busiest is that I am in the process of buying a house. I am very excited. It is a cute little bity house in Homewood, that is just perfect for me. I was not letting myself get excited because I know that contracts can easily fall through, it something doesn't go right. I have finally gotten through the inspection and repairs, and mortgage approval. I am scheduled to close a week from today, and can't wait.

My family thought it was really funny to watch me go through this process. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a nurse through and through. I am not in any way shape or form a business person. I am not good at being firm and demanding. I had a few things that showed up on my inspection that I wanted to have the seller repair. Of course as in any business deal they tried to get me to give in any not have all of it repaired and to help pay for some of the repairs. I finally to my real estate agent that I was not afraid to walk away from the deal and that in order for me not to walk they had to make all the repairs. Haha! What a joke. I went directly to my Dad's office and told him I was "mean, scary, and demanding". He laughed at me and said, "I'm sure you were!" Oh well! I may not be mean and scary, but I was able to get the point across. They agreed to repair everything! So now we are just waiting on closing!

I am starting to get anxious though, because it is an older house. It was built in the 1940's, and there is a lot I would like to do. I have to keep reminding myself to be patient, and have fun with my very first house! Everyone is welcome to come visit! I was going to post a picture with this, but it is not working. I will post one later, I promise. I will keep you all updated on this adventure!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Reverting to Childhood!

Since I am officially back home. I had to decide what to do about a place to live. I am still trying to save money so eventually I can buy a house. Saving money tends to be difficult when I was taking a month or so off in between travel assignments. My sweet mother, of course, offered for me to live with her. I didn't want to take her up on that offer for many reasons. I have sponged off her too many times, I want her to have her own life without taking care of me, and she and I can get kind of cramped at her house. My Dad also offered for me to live with him, and to his surprise I took him up on the offer.
My Dad and Stepmother have a little bit bigger of a house, with an extra bedroom downstairs. It has a private attached bath and closet, so I really have my own space. I also am living with my step brothers (when they are in town, they have had a very busy summer). I have had so much fun living with this part of my family, and getting to spend more time with all of them. I have not lived with my Dad since I was 15, so it has been really fun.
My Dad seems to be enjoying it too. He has made me laugh because he keeps telling me "have I told you I'm glad you are living with me?". They have all really made me feel welcome. I am trying to do my best to help around the house, so I don't wear out my welcome too quickly.
I have also started my new job (more about that to come later), and my Dad has been so sweet. I still have not been feeling well so he has been trying to take care of me. Since I have been back to working 12 hour shifts he has had dinner prepared for me when I come home from work. He better be careful or I may never leave.
Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but I am going to do better keeping updating my blog!