Sunday, May 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes- 1st Edition

1- I got this idea from my fellow blogger Amanda. Thanks girl! It is great because there are quite a few things I want to blog about but aren't long enough to make a full blog post. So I thought I would give this a try.

2- Mushroom hunting? Apparently here in Iowa this is a big sport! No, they aren't getting high off these shrooms! They collect a type of Mushroom called Morrels. Apparently they are very yummy, and grow wild quite abundantly. It has made me laugh to hear people start at story with last night we were mushroom hunting! I told them that if I did that in Alabama, I would more than likely wind up eating something poisonous! I'm still trying to talk someone into taking me to do this interesting activity.

3-I definitely have some of my grandmother in me. She loved birds, she always had bird feeders all over, and kept her birdbath perfectly clean. I can't say that I have a great love for birds, but I can say that I can't stand to see a bird and not know what it is. When I was driving down the road the other day I kept seeing these little black birds with orange on there wings. I thought they might be Orioles, I called my mom and asked her, and she agreed with me. I decided to look it up online, and I was completely wrong. They were Red winged black birds. So pretty. So I guess I still haven't seen an oriole.

(This is a redwinged blackbird)(This is an oriole)

4- I miss Milo's. Is it sad that when people ask me about southern foods I wind up telling them about Milo's? Yes, I give them the traditional answers about the best bar-b-que in the world, fried everything, and the best way to cook any vegetable. Then my mind wanders to things I miss, and I want to tell them about Milo's. Then the inevitable question comes. "What is the sauce like? Is it like a bar-b-que sauce?" Then you are in trouble, because as any true Milo's lover knows. The sauce is like no other, it is indescribable. Okay, I better stopping talking about it before I drool on myself.

5-Spring Lake is a state park in Iowa. I went yesterday. It was so much fun. Everyone takes their campers, and go hang out for the weekend. It is very pretty, and there is so much to do. Everyone takes there bikes and they ride around. They swim, fish, and go for paddle boat rides. They also have roller skating rink that opens at night. It felt like stepping back in time. It was an open air roller rink, that looks like it has been there forever. After everyone cooks out for dinner, they walk over to the skating rink and listen to the music and skate with the kids. It was so much fun, but needless to say I am sore today from skating.

6-Getting old stinks! It is still hard for me to understand that I can't do the things I did when I was 13. I remember going to skanks Skates 280 (for those of you that don't know, that's a nasty skating rink in Birmingham) and skating for hours, while never getting tired, sweaty, or sore. Last night I kept having to take a break. I am pretty sure I smelled like a pig, and it was hard to walk back to the car. Maybe I shouldn't blame it on being old, just out of shape! SAD!

7- Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those people who gave there lives for our freedom! Also thank you to any veteran of any war who fought for us! You are all hero's!

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Beffels said...

I had Milo's yesterday. Are you jealous? Naneenaneebooboo!!

Only kidding. Wish you were here. See you soon. Your Blog Rocks!