Saturday, May 09, 2009

Limburg House

One of the perks of being a travel nurse is that your agency finds and pays for housing for your assignment. Majority of the time that means a lovely furnished apartment. When your assignment is 8 weeks or less the company usually won't spring for an apartment. They book you an extended stay hotel. Well in Jefferson, IA there aren't many options of places to stay. I could have stayed at the Super 8, or I could stay at a Bed and Breakfast called the Limburg House.

As I am sure you can guess I decided on the Limburg House. It is a lovely bed and breakfast immediately down the street from the hospital. It used to be owned by a Dr. Limburg, and he ran is practice out of the house. Displayed throughout the house is some of his old timey doctors instruments. Of course this is much better than staying at the Super 8, and much more homey! It has a great wrap around front porch with a great swing and places to lounge. My room is on the 3rd floor. It is roomy and spacious, though I keep hitting my head on the roof. (It is an attic room, and has slanting ceilings in some parts)

As you would expect from an older house that is turned into a bed and breakfast, parts of it kind of creep me out. Some of the decor throughout the house is very old fashion. Including a antique doll that is on the couch in the living room. I don't know about you, but antique dolls have always freaked me out. The most entertaining thing in the house is in my room, and can be incredibly creepy. It is an antique wedding dress on a dressing dummy. So basically it looks like a headless bride in the corner of my room. You can easily turn around and think you have a woman standing in the corner. Freaky I know. Fortunately now that I have been here for 3 weeks, I have really gotten used to the headless Bride. My Mom has found it funny to ask me how the bride is doing, when we talk on the phone. We decided the other day that we needed to give her a name. Any suggestions????I also wondered if there are any ghosts stories that go along with the house. I have yet to ask the owner this question, but I did mention it to someone I work with. She told me that her grandmothers sister (I think), used to work for Dr. Limburg as his nurse. Apparently there was something going on between the physician and his nurse (surprise surprise, right? some things never change). Then the nurse, who was in her 20's, died mysteriously in the house. Rumor had it, she may have been pushed down the stairs. Well just so you know I haven't yet woken to a woman standing over my bed, except for the bride in the corner. Stayed tuned for more stories from Jefferson, IA.


MaryG said...

OMG that is amazing!!! And I think the bride should be named something old bertha or agnes or helga

Leigh Ann said...

Thanks Mary! I like Agnes, thats good. My Dad said Matilda. I'll have to get a poll going.