Monday, July 20, 2009

Reverting to Childhood!

Since I am officially back home. I had to decide what to do about a place to live. I am still trying to save money so eventually I can buy a house. Saving money tends to be difficult when I was taking a month or so off in between travel assignments. My sweet mother, of course, offered for me to live with her. I didn't want to take her up on that offer for many reasons. I have sponged off her too many times, I want her to have her own life without taking care of me, and she and I can get kind of cramped at her house. My Dad also offered for me to live with him, and to his surprise I took him up on the offer.
My Dad and Stepmother have a little bit bigger of a house, with an extra bedroom downstairs. It has a private attached bath and closet, so I really have my own space. I also am living with my step brothers (when they are in town, they have had a very busy summer). I have had so much fun living with this part of my family, and getting to spend more time with all of them. I have not lived with my Dad since I was 15, so it has been really fun.
My Dad seems to be enjoying it too. He has made me laugh because he keeps telling me "have I told you I'm glad you are living with me?". They have all really made me feel welcome. I am trying to do my best to help around the house, so I don't wear out my welcome too quickly.
I have also started my new job (more about that to come later), and my Dad has been so sweet. I still have not been feeling well so he has been trying to take care of me. Since I have been back to working 12 hour shifts he has had dinner prepared for me when I come home from work. He better be careful or I may never leave.
Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but I am going to do better keeping updating my blog!

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