Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't understand some people!

Today I went back over the the house with my inspector. We were checking to see that all the repairs had been done, so we would be all set for closing. I paid the inspector another $200 really just for my peace of mind to know that all of the repairs had been done. I told my real estate agent so many times I was going back over there. I was assured that all the repairs had been done. Unfortunately come to find out in the inspection that the foundation supports that I were to have been replaced had not been. I was soooo mad! We are supposed to close on Friday. Well after a quick phone call to my real estate agent, I was promised that it would be done by Friday morning. My sweet inspector then told me he would come back by and check it out for me. So hopefully it is all done, and we can still close Friday. I am learning so many lessons here, mainly not to trust anyone! Sad isn't it!
Ok, so if you need a home inspector. Jim Waddell is the greatest! He is soooooo thorough, and helpful. He is will A.B. Home Inspectors if you need someone!

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